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  • KMF-20/30/50 Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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Introduction: KMF-20/30/50 Fiber Laser Marking machine (  Price is USD1200 to USD1500, depends on the parts used.  ) This model is compact design,the electrical controlling system is like a computer case,the marking system is separate,allow you mark higher products, you can put it on a table and play with it. It will help you for directly marking or engraving your metal and plastic products, such as images,graphics, letters, figures,serial No., batch No.,barcode, etc.

Hardware tools, auto parts and spare parts, accessories, electronics, jewelry, decoration,electrical instruments, watches,stationery,promotional gifts, bathroom products,etc.
1- Controlling system and marking system are separate.
2- Lifetime up to 100,000 hours.
3- No complicated installation, totally maintenance-free.
4-Friendly interface, very easy operation.
5- Red preview function, help you find the marking position easily.
6- Digital galvo scanning system ensures high marking speed and accurate marking.
7- Fine beam quality, fine marking result.
8- Energy saving, low power consumption, about 500W only. 
9- USB communication interface, its compatible with both PC or laptop.
10- Non-contact working way, wont deform your products.
11- No need other consumable or assist materials, laser directly mark on your products.
All kinds of metal(including precious metals),stainless steel,steel, aluminum,brass,copper,gold, high hardness alloys, coated materials,PVC,rubber,epoxy resin,etc.



Laser Source

China or imported parts


10, 20, 30 or 50W

Beam quality


 repetition rate

20 KHz-100 KHz 

Marking/Drilling speed

 8000 mm / s

Working area


70x70 mm,175x175 mm (optional)   

Min.character size

0.15 mm

Min line width

0.01 mm

Positioning accuracy

± 0.002 mm

Power consumption

500 W 

Power supply 

AC220V ± 5% , 50/60Hz, Single phase

Cooling style

Air cooling

Environment requirements

5-35,  humidity 30%-80% 


Windows XP, Win 7,  

Supportable formats 


Dimension(L x W x H)

75×35×70 cm


40 kg

Optional functions or accessories: 
 Focus finder, it help you find the laser focal point easier.
◆ Rotation device, its great for marking cylindrical items.
◆ Protective cover

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